Augmented reality is an efficient tool for the workplace

Apr 10, 2020

1 min read

Both augmented and virtual reality are firmly rooted in the gaming and entertainment industries, having burst on the scene a few years ago, however as we know augmented reality is an efficient tool for the workplace.

AR and VR technology have stepped out of the gaming shadows and into the business arena, from music to manufacturing the technology can help users across multiple sectors to visualise data and instructions that overlay their physical environment, and experience interactive and immersive environments to aid in learning and increase performance.

As the technology has grown and matured the hardware has become more portable and lightweight which in turn makes it more comfortable for the user. Augmented reality is not complicated to set up and requires minimal guidance once installed.

Augmented reality and indeed virtual reality can transform several areas in the workplace including business processes, workflows and the training of staff to name a few.

As employee skills are constantly evolving, the training of staff using augmented reality is possibly the biggest areas to explore, being able to overlay instructions and guides in the physical world can allow mistakes on physical items to be minimalised.

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