Augmented reality could transform the music industry

Apr 3, 2020

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Augmented reality could transform the music industry.

Being a huge music fan I truly believe that it is the soundtrack to your life and depending on your experience with it a particular song or tune can make you feel a whole range of emotions.

So could augmented reality transform the music industry? Arguably an industry which has been around for decades!

Well, I certainly believe so.

In 2016 music streaming was a saviour for the music industry as for the first time in two decades it actually saw a growth in revenue thanks to Apple Music and Spotify to name but a few!

Music these days has never been more accessible but augmented reality could add a totally different spin to the whole industry.

Coachella has announced it will add an AR app for it’s 2017 festival (Coachella is arguably one of the pioneering festivals to use tech, if in doubt just search for the 2012 Coachella and the Hologram of Tupac *warning that video contains very strong language!*)

The music industry is very strong right now and in no way needs saving, but adding an augmented reality element could offer music lovers and aficionados a more evocative and emotional experience, imagine all the extra elements AR could bring to a live concert! Being able to see the lyrics or watching another artist performing “live” at the concert you are attending when they are actually across the other side of the World.

Musicians and artists can utilise AR to bring their video to their audience and even make the listener part of the video almost as though they are performing the song directly in front of them.

In these ways (plus many more) augmented reality could transform the music industry and take it to a whole new level.








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