Augmented Reality Apps Changing Education

Oct 14, 2020

3 min read

Augmented reality holds the power to transform the educational system: it makes learning a far more engaging (and FUN) experience.

AR is coming to the classrooms, whether you like it or not. Simply because the technology opens up brand new ways and methods of learning for students, helping them easily understand the complex information in any subject.

Not to mention that kids these days are strongly infused by technology. They can’t imagine life without Apple, Google, and apps, so education must adapt to their new perception patterns.

Here’s our pick on 5 most creative AR apps in education:

Star Walk: Constellation Finder

This app follows the user’s movement in real-time and allows them to explore the night sky. Your students will discover constellations, stars, and other sky objects. They will learn more about space in the most engaging way.

CoSpaces Edu

CoSpaces Edu is a content creation app for students. With CoSpaces, students can build their own 3D objects and animate them with code. Students can explore any creations with the VR and AR view modes.

The app enables students to project their virtual creations onto any surface in the real world in Augmented Reality. You can even hold the creations in your hands with the MERGE Cube.

Catchy Words AR

Though Catchy Words AR app isn’t as complex and deep as CoSpaces Edu, it has similar ideas behind. Word puzzles aren’t just a fun way to kill time for adults, but also an excellent vocabulary training for children of all ages.

Elements 4D

Ever wondered how you can make chemistry fun? This app is the answer. All you need is getting the paper or wood blocks provided by DAQRI and the app will bring the elements to life. Your students will see a dynamic, 4D representation of each element. Plus, they can combine two elements together to see a presentation of the chemical reaction that occurs when they are combined in nature.


This Augmented Reality app aims to provide a detailed look into the human body. Curiscope AR system is distributed with a special t-shirt that has anchor points. They help your device to scale the simulation properly. You can easily view the circulatory system, skeleton, muscles, and internal organs.

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