Augmented reality app After Ice shows what climate change can do

May 2, 2020

2 min read

Visual artist Justin Guraglia has released an augmented reality app entitled After Ice which lets you experience the potential damage that climate change can reap depending on where you are located.

Using the geolocation service on your smartphone, After Ice sends you into a future scenario where your location is no longer inhabitable but instead is completely underwater.

The augmented reality app uses the most current predictions from NASA to show you how high the sea level will of risen in your location by the year 2080, pretty scary stuff!

This augmented reality app is significant due to the fact it really highlights the dangers of global warming and climate change on the polar ice caps, in fact, it takes no prisoners straight off the bat as you are greeted upon opening it by a giant avalanche falling from an ice cap.

The app allows you to take a selfie underwater or in the future and share it via your social media channels to help support the cause of global ice melting.

After Ice shows the threat of climate change through three different scenarios;

Total Melt is a scenario that shows if the earth continues to warm up and all the ice melts, we will be swimming with the fishes, quite literally although Guariglia says this scenario is a long way off.

Another scenario is 2080, the year in which NASA predicts the sea to rise by over 6 foot.

Finally, the last scenario is based in New York in the 2080’s and allows non New-Yorkers to view the iconic Bull of Wall Street fighting against the rising sea.

Overall a very thought provoking augmented reality app.

After Ice is currently available to download on iTunes.

Go get it now and start showing your support against climate change by using the hashtag #AfterIce in your underwater selfies.

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