Augmented Reality Advertising Improves Shopping Experience

May 11, 2020

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Augmented Reality Advertising disrupts your customer’s buying journey – but in a good way.


AR technology takes the power of suggestion to a whole new level, which is why it’s such a natural fit for advertising.

Interactive adverts let your consumers into your world, allowing you to tell your story on a personal level. That, in turn, allows your audience to visualise your product or service as a part of their life.

This factor alone transforms their buying experience.

By now, you’re most likely aware of furniture retailers creating AR apps that give users an opportunity to see how their products would look like in their homes.

If not, check out the Ikea AR app here

All that, without leaving the sofa by simply using their smartphones.

Advertising with text or images online has given way to video advertising because video advertising does a better job at catching a customer’s eye.

But Augmented Reality advertising could make video advertising obsolete, as it can promote a more realistic form of advertising.

Brick-and-mortar stores can also hugely benefit from AR


More and more physical stores are looking to include AR devices that find product information and be navigated to other complementary products from their initial search.

How does it improve their shopping experience?

It saves time.

Customers don’t need to wait around for an employee to assist them.

This in itself is a massive improvement, because who likes waiting?


Personalised adverts sell better

To commit to making a purchase, consumers seek as much information about a product as possible.

Data collected from your ad campaigns can help you segment consumers into groups, which then could receive ads tailored to their needs and preferences.


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