How Augmented Reality can enhance your brand’s story telling

Jan 26, 2020

1 min read

Augmented Reality advertising…

…should it be a part of your next brand campaign?

While the technology itself isn’t exactly a novelty anymore, more and more brands invest in AR for their advertising campaigns.

Telling a story with Augmented Reality advertising.

With a whole raft of competition vying for space in advertising, trying to reach our right target audience is becoming harder in crowded marketplaces, so making sure to stand out from the noise of the competition is critical.

The art of “storytelling” for brands in all marketing and advertising campaigns is critical, we want to, of course, persuade our eyeballs to take action on ANY advert, stories help to persuade people to do so.

So how can applying augmented reality advertising for a brand help their story?

First and foremost, by using augmented reality, an audience can actually be involved in the experience, not only are they involved:

They can “change” their experience.

Instead of a brand just “talking” to their audience through their adverts, the audience, by harnessing the power of AR, can now essentially “talk back” and be a part of your story.

Perfect to grab the attention, according to data research, of the affluent millennial.

This research shows that the “millennial generation” desire engagement and interaction as they “buy on a deeper level” than previous generations, and using AR allows that interaction to take place.



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