Augmented Reality Advertising For Better Ad Engagement

Apr 3, 2020

2 min read

Augmented Reality advertising boosts the engagement rates, which is the one metric you should really look out for if you want an advert that sells.

Why the engagement though?

Why not the impressions for example?

Impressions are for vanity

Of course, you want your advert to be seen by as many people as possible. However, you should focus more on value rather than the quantity.

The more engagement there is, the better the chances of even more impressions – and this goes on in a cycle.

That being said, no engagement is possible without those initial impressions.

But, let’s look at your email list to get to the point:

Let’s say you have 20K subscribers. How many of them actually engage with your newsletters?

Same goes to social media marketing. Having thousands of followers mean nothing if they are not buying your product or service.

Engagement means your audience taking action, whether visiting a website, posting an online review, opening a marketing email, referring the brand to friends and family, clicking an ad or downloading a brand’s mobile app.

It is not enough for your advert to be seen — the message also has to connect and resonate with the right viewers.

This is where Augmented Reality advertising comes in.

Because of what the technology offers, we get their attention in a positive way.

By no means, AR adverts are boring or intrusive.

Augmented reality gives your brand the opportunity to engage young users who tend to be sceptical of traditional advertising methods.

It’s a unique gateway from your physical brand presence to your mobile-first, always connected customers.

It can be explained by many factors but the main one is that the technology attracts attention.

And as always, attention leads directly to customers.

If you’re advertising a product or service, you can direct your customer straight to the point of sale, both proving and maximising your ROI.


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