How Augmented Reality Advertising Benefits Your Brand

Dec 2, 2020

2 min read

From the science fiction stories, the augmented reality phenomenon has turned into technology, which finds its application in everyday life. The transformation occurred just over the past few years.

The future is already here, and it is virtual.

The AR term has several definition gradations, but the essential is that it combines data from a physical world to the one that was created with digital tools. Thus, the user sees the reality that is overlaid with suitable computer-generated information.

It could be a street with a virtual route on it, your room with 3D modeled furniture or your backyard crowded with Disney`s characters.

How does that apply to advertising your brand?

It is unique

The novelty factor of such applications will obviously wear off as more and more are created and used, but for the meantime, the onus is on brands to make the most of this exciting technology and extend it from infancy.

The possibilities of augmented reality are only just being explored, and any new developments are likely to achieve further exposure.


The concept of uploading your own media, such as the image in the above examples, helps to create a highly personalised piece of media for the user. It relates specifically to them, which is likely to be far more engaging than a standard video or image.


The novelty factor mentioned above will surely enhance users’ desire to share their creation with their extended networks, and the fact that the content is personalised will only add to this.


It’s likely that the vast majority of users wouldn’t possess the ability or expertise to create a complex video like the ones indicated in the examples above; augmented reality advertising allows users to create a quality piece of content that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to create themselves.

Interactivity maintains a viral loop

As well as being high quality, the content created by augmented reality advertising is highly entertaining and in many cases fun.

The element of surprise that is achieved when sharing such content makes for very entertaining viewing by other users, stimulating them to create their own version and share it once again, completing the viral loop.

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