Augmented Reality News Roundup – October 2021

Oct 27, 2021

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It’s the Augmented Reality News Roundup – Halloween edition! Yes, it’s that time of the month where the 3rock newsdesk gathers their pick all of the latest augmented reality news stories that have happened over the past month.

So, let’s jump straight in!

97% of senior ad execs plan to spend more on DOOH

That’s according to a study from Alfi. Here’s a direct quote from MartechSeries:

“97% of senior advertising executives from around the world anticipate they will spend more on DOOH advertising this year than before the Covid-19 crisis, while 85% say spending will be at least 10% bigger, and 27% claim it will be at least 50% higher.”

And if you’re looking for a DOOH augmented reality experience like no other – that delivers the impact you need for your brand – look no further than 3rockAR’s exclusive Magic Mirror.

Pssst! Check out our blog to learn more about what it’s like to experience Magic Mirror.

Cisco Launches Webex Hologram so you can meet in AR

This is fantastic news from Cisco, and will help to really close the gap between virtual and in-person meetings/collaboration. Essentially these immersive 3D holograms will make you feel just like you’re in the room with someone who could actually be anywhere in the world.

It’ll also help break barriers when it comes to aspects like remote training and problem solving (haunted house attractions could also potentially make a killing – spoooooky!).

We’ll be keeping a close eye on these developments here at 3rock – but in the meantime, you can also request to be part of the pilot via

67% of advertising agencies are already using AR

Advertising agencies have definitely cottoned onto the power of augmented reality. Did you know 67% are already using AR? And as long as you follow these 7 rules of engagement (like not using AR just for the sake of it), you can’t go too far wrong.

It’s all about creating an experience that’s going to resonate with your customers, and get attention for all the right reasons whilst delivering on the results you need.

That’s why here at 3rockAR, we don’t just create the experiences; we also make sure you get a return on your investment with fully-managed campaigns – whether that’s working directly with clients, or other ad agencies.

How 5G is changing advertising for good

They say you should always look forward. Well, much like Covid, 5G is here, and nothing will ever be the same again… and that’s pretty much the headline here.

It may not exactly be news, but we liked this insightful Forbes Council article enough to share. To quote: “As we move into this new phase for the industry, advertisers will need to focus even more on the creative experience and drive forward a new wave of ad formats that do not require user-level data for ads to be highly engaging.”

We’re excited about how 5G is paving the way for newer, improved AR ads that deliver and delight with memorable experiences – and an ROI on ad spend 3.79x above average. There’s going to be some great things in store for consumers!

To sum it up…

Thanks for reading – any augmented reality news stories we’ve missed? Let us know.

Maybe we’re biased, but the AR advertising stats are really speaking for themselves right now – it’s great to see so many companies waking up to the possibilities of augmented reality (and it also means we can continue to push the needle in terms of creating breathtaking campaigns!).

If you’re just interested in learning more about creating a captivating AR experience for your brand, feel free to get in touch. It might be Halloween, but we don’t bite!

Our friendly, experienced team of AR experts are always happy to talk you through your options, and provide some free, no-strings advice on your next project.

Well, that’s all, folks!

Written by: Ian Brookes, Cofounder/MD

Get in touch with me via email: or call 0203 588 6140.

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