3rockAR Announces the World’s First AR-Enabled DOOH Network

Sep 1, 2021

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Here at 3rockAR, we’re proud to announce the world’s first AR-enabled DOOH (digital out-of-home) advertising network. 

With access to over 80 sites in the UK, our award-winning Magic Mirror experience will be able to provide our clients with unparalleled reach, engagement and impact. 

Magic Mirror has never been so accessible, so it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of this incredible experience and bring your brand or products to life. 

No-one else is able to offer this exclusive 3rock digital out-of-home AR experience, so put a little OOH in your DOOH and give your customers an experience they’ll never forget! 

If you haven’t already seen it, here’s what our Magic Mirror looks like in action:

What is Magic Mirror exactly? 

Fundamentally, our Magic Mirror is a digital out-of-home screen but has the ability to showcase AR experiences along with standard DOOH – and it has the WOW factor. 

When people see themselves on the screen, they’ll want to stop, engage, spend quality time with your brand, and leave with a smile on their face. They’ll also tell their friends and share their experience on social media. 

One of other the most appealing aspects of the Magic Mirror for brands is that it puts you absolutely front of stage; there’s nothing to look at and engage with apart from your brand (and you won’t have to share screen time with anyone else). 

“97% of the world’s most valuable brands use augmented reality. Our Magic Mirror is unrivalled, and we have plenty of other solutions which increase engagement, lower cost per contact, increase CTRs and deliver valuable insights and analytics. This will revolutionise the OOH and DOOH industry.” 

Toby Ginn, cofounder of 3rock

Why use 3rock’s Magic Mirror? 

When you create a Magic Mirror experience with 3rock, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind experience that’s bespoke to your brand, and be sure to grab attention for all the right reasons. 

Your own, unique Magic Mirror experience will: 

  • Have the WOW factor – with experiences of all sizes
  • Be as immersive as you want it to be – there are no limits
  • Have the option to include WebAR In Your Pocket and E-XR code technology
  • Track your KPIs (using WebAR or E-XR codes)
  • Include a social media/PR push to ensure your campaign has maximum impact
  • Have the option of being retro-fitted to freshen any existing campaign or content
  • Be deployed wherever you need it to be – from every city in Europe, and beyond (such as Canada and Australia!) 
  • Last as long as you want it – whether that’s days or weeks 

And, not to mention, everything is developed in-house by the 3rockAR experts, who will work with you to create the best possible experience for your audience. How’d you like them apples?

How to get your Magic Mirror experience started today

If you’d like to put some AR OOH in your DOOH, and like what you see with our Magic Mirror experience, the best way to get started is to contact our Managing Director, Ian Brookes by emailing ib@3rockar.com

From there, our experienced team will be able to guide you through your options and create something that best represents your brand. From concept and design, to launching and deploying your Magic Mirror experience, we’ll take care of everything. 

We can even film some social media content and give it the push it needs to generate you a massive buzz that gets people talking and sharing. 

Dooh AR; your clients will love you for it!

Written by: Ian Brookes, Cofounder/MD

Get in touch by emailing ib@3rockar.com or call 0203 588 6140.

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