Concept images imagine Apple’s iPhone 8 with gorgeous Siri based augmented reality

Mar 15, 2020

2 min read

Hungarian designer Gabor Balogh has released a set of concept renders of how the new Apple iPhone 8 could possibly use augmented reality technology to let Siri connect with the real world.

iPhone 8 augmented reality Siri

Could the iPhone 8 incorporate augmented reality with Siri?

By the looks of these renders the iPhone would display a translucent version of whatever the rear facing camera is pointed at and holding down a ‘virtual home button’ makes the view clear allowing the user to issue commands to Siri based on what they see.

As an example, Siri could identify landmarks or geographic references and contextual widgets could appear next to the ‘home/Siri’ button offering the user different options.

iPhone 8 Siri augmented reality

The potential for augmented reality technology in the iPhone 8 is huge

The concepts even suggest that clicking on a maps icon could allow the user to start navigation.

iPhone 8 navigation augmented reality Siri

Could Siri in the iPhone 8 use augmented reality as a navigation tool?


Not only this but the designer goes even further showing the possibility of third party apps like Facebook using the possible integrated technology, allowing users to view the same event from different angles.

iPhone 8 facebook

The potential for AR in third party apps for the iPhone 8 is huge

Of course none of this is 100% going to happen, even though Apple CEO Tim Cook has expressed massive interest in AR technology and Apple have invested in various new technologies, so it could possible we will see either some form of AR with the new iPhone 8 be it a headset or actually integrated in to the phone, however until the phone itself is released, rumoured to be September time, no one can or will say for sure.


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