Is Amazon considering augmented reality furniture and appliance stores?

Mar 27, 2020

1 min read

Amazon is considering having augmented reality furniture stores according to sources from the New York Times, they state that the online retail giant is ‘exploring’ the idea of utilising augmented reality so users can visualise how the items would appear in their own homes before pushing the button on the purchase.

Although this is, at the minute at least, speculation, Amazon has already started rolling out physical stores, currently having five bricks and mortar shops with their Amazon Books in America, the online grapevine is rife with “what ifs”.

Just imagine if this huge company starts flexing it’s augmented reality tech muscles and allows shoppers to see how that new fridge, sofa or wardrobe will look, usually the kind of products that the majority of shoppers will not buy ‘sight unseen’, if this idea comes to fruition the ‘stores’ will act as showcases where users could then go on to purchase said items and have them delivered, all from the comfort of their own home.

Just the news of this alone will surely have conventional furniture and appliance retailers quaking in their boots, although of course that this could never happen as although Amazon as a company want their creative staff to come up with ideas that push the boundaries, the Amazon executives do have a history of dropping ideas after closer scrutiny, and do keep in mind that this source wanted to remain anonymous as this isn’t an official announcement from Amazon itself.




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