Advertising To Millennials – What Should You Know?

May 3, 2020

2 min read

Advertising to millennials is easier than you think. You already know they don’t respond to ads the same as their elders do.

What else should you know?

Millennials are a huge part of your target audience, no matter what industry you’re in.

Yet I see so many brands failing to acknowledge it and therefore, failing to find the right approach in their advertising efforts.

They have their own unique set of characteristics.

And an enormous purchasing power estimated at $200 billion per year, millennials represent a highly lucrative portion of the market.

Can you afford not to appeal to this particular customer group?

I didn’t think so. How do you get it right though?

Show Up On Social Media

Millennials grew up with mobile technology, and they are empowered by being connected to multiple devices that have access to the internet.

Also, make your product Instagram worthy.

Instagram and Facebook are still the two most popular social media platforms amongst millennials – use it to your advantage.

Give An Instant Response

Millennials will ask questions on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and expect an instant response.

Also, be authentic in your approach.

Authenticity is worth its weight in gold for this particular customer group.

Incorporate video marketing

It’s not a surprise really.

But not just any video will do. It must be authentic and free of spin.

In other words, brands can’t expect to reach millennial buyers by simply posting their TV commercials on their home page.

They want to have fun with the buying process

You need to focus your advertising efforts on user’s interest more than anything.

Provide an interactive experience that does only what it needs to do – makes them feel as a part of something bigger.

Millennials want to have fun above all else, where the process of discovering a new product or service is considered a form of entertainment.

3RockAR Augmented Reality advertising can certainly help you with that.

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