Advertising 101: Identify Your Customer’s Pain Points

May 1, 2020

2 min read

Advertising is the only way for your product or service to be noticed. But your ads need to be effective to bring you more sales.

It’s not enough to just create a campaign.

You also need to give your audience a reason to buy your product or service.

You have probably heard a lot of marketer highlighting the importance of knowing your customer’s pain points, but what are they exactly?

Why should you care?

Paint points are the problems your audience is experiencing.

Like any problem, customer pain points are as diverse and varied as your prospective customers themselves.

Your customers’ pain doesn’t need to be physical to be motivating.

It could be anything that’s making their life uncomfortable, such as:

  • young father with poor credit history which is making it impossible to get a loan, car finance or a mortgage
  • delivery guy who’s car keeps breaking down
  • a student who needs a quiet place to study

It’s easy to think you know people’s pain points by looking at their behaviors. Actually, you’ll want to dig deeper to learn what problems your business can solve for them.

But what you should bear in mind, is that not all problems are obvious.

That’s why customer experience is so important.

Asking simple questions like ‘How can we help you’ or ‘What would make your life easier’ opens up a dialogue, allowing you to find out what they need.

Your job now is to convince them how your product or service can help them solve their problem.

Empathy is a good way to build trust.

Customers want to know that you value what they value. They want you to empathize with their concerns and show how you can help them.

Identify your ideal customer group (s)

Create a list of potential (use your imagination) pain points and address each one of them individually.

Even if it means designing few different adverts as a part of one campaign.

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