Most companies almost always throw their advertising budget down the drain

Jul 25, 2020

2 min read

When anyone ever gets asked what their advertising budget is, their eyes glaze over and you can almost see them shake with indecision.

The right advertising budget to run a successful ad campaign is a weird beast, and there is no right or wrong answer.

What you do with that budget is what counts, and of course, you always want to achieve something from the adverts you run, be it increasing brand awareness or just downright more sales.

You need a clearly defined goal.


A lot of companies, more often than not, make a critical mistake before they lay down their money, they are literally pouring their money down the drain.


Exactly that – why.

Not just why, but also what and how.


Read on.

Before you  even start to consider running any adverts you need to answer;

Why are we doing this – what is the aim of this campaign.

What does our product or service do for our audience (the benefits and features)

How does it achieve these?

See advertising is a story, however, as we have mentioned several times before, your advert needs to resonate with your target audience.

Just continuously pumping adverts out with no specific aim is throwing your advertising budget away.

If you do not tell your audience what your product or service does and how exactly it does it, then why bother telling them at all.

Adverts should sell.

Great adverts do.

We always work closely with all our clients (and we are going to blow our own trumpet here, we have worked with absolutely amazing brands) to identify the end game of the advert.

Our augmented reality technology perfectly expresses their WHAT and WHY.

The advertising we create resonates with their target audience, and we have hundreds of testimonials to back our pretty bold statement up.

What bold statement did I hear you ask?

The fact that choosing us to create your augmented reality advertising campaign will be amazing.

Pretty bold right?

We work together with you to achieve the right outcome, using the best in AR technology.

Simply put.

We deliver.

Contact us today and let’s get the why what and how straight.


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