Announcing 3rockAR as an Official 8th Wall Partner

Jul 23, 2021

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Selected to be an official 8th Wall partner

Good news! We’re absolutely buzzing here at 3rockAR HQ to announce that we’re now an official partner of the award-winning WebAR platform 8th Wall.

Their brilliantly powerful development platform and tools will allow us to create even more powerful AR experiences – without the need for downloading an app.

Continuing to push boundaries

We’re always keen to push the limits when it comes to developing engaging and immersive AR experiences, especially in the WebAR sector, and therefore we see 8th Wall is the perfect partner for this.

And, we’re in good company. Some of the world’s most innovative brands are embracing 8th Wall’s amazing AR engine, hyper-optimised to work across all devices.

So, that brings us onto the interesting part…

What does this partnership mean for you?

Good question. Let us explain.

Not only does this partnership mean we’ll also be able to utilise WebAR technology to its maximum potential, we’ll also be able to turbo charge our offerings, perfectly placing 3rockAR at the forefront of advertising innovation and look forward to all the future technology developments 8th Wall has in store.

By incorporating the 8th Wall tech into our WebAR, WAR-IYP, takeawayAR, E-XR codes, and Magic Mirror solutions we will create even more seamless, fun and memorable WebAR experiences that generate advertising impact for your brand…

So we can continue to be your Everything Reality partner.

Going forward

So, apart from becoming an official 8th Wall partner, what’s next for 3rock?

Well, aside from blogging more regularly, we’ve got lots of exciting brand and agency partnerships, projects and developments in the works, so all we can say right now is… watch this space. This one. Right here.

But in the meantime, check out our official page on the 8th Wall website! Designed and built by 3rockAR – powered by 8th Wall.

Written by: Toby Ginn, Co-founder/Director

Get in touch via our contact page or call 0203 588 6140.

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