5 Reasons AR Trumps Traditional Out Of Home

Feb 23, 2022

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The goal of any marketer is to create an experience that will truly connect with their audience. “Experience” being the key word. The content-rich digital landscape we find ourselves in at this moment in time poses many opportunities for innovation and avenues for reaching the right audiences, but it’s cut-throat out there. It’s saturated. It’s not actually that our attention spans are shorter than goldfish (thank you BBC for debunking the myth) but it’s that there is just so much to choose from. People have programmed themselves to gloss over most content until something is really worth engaging with for their own entertainment, education or inspiration. Audiences have become spoiled and marketers have to be more innovative every single day. 

This is where AR marketing saves the day. This is where innovation and cutting edge technology meet to plough through the noise, and traditional Out Of Home has nothing on it. Here’s five good reasons why AR experiences trump traditional OOH.


Real Interaction Takes Place

AR integrations are breathing new life into the digital landscape and bridging the gap between online and offline experience. 

While traditional Out Of Home advertising isn’t going anywhere, Augmented Reality OOH marketing is immediately more effective for the simple reason that audiences participate fully in the experience. They co-create the content rather than being spoken at by a billboard or poster. The interaction is unavoidable, it defines the medium itself, and the connection is guaranteed. 

This connection directly affects the bottomline, with reportedly 57% of customers increasing their spending when they feel connected to a brand, and 76% of them choosing that brand over a competitor. 

If you aren’t familiar with how AR campaigns work, we’ll give you a quick 3rockAR agency rundown: 

  • An augmented reality marketing agency works with a brand’s creative team to develop a campaign.
  • We implement the campaign using WebAR and E-XR Code technology- basically meaning we create a seamless AR experience that audiences can access by clicking a link (no app download required). 3rockAR has also developed what we call our Magic Mirror, which is a digital billboard that consumers interact with by immersing themselves in incredible AR experiences. 
  • Consumers interact with the experience for around a minimum of 3 minutes. 
  • Technology used to implement the campaign tracks and reports all metrics so you know exactly how many views, click-throughs and shares it received, as well as exactly how long users engaged for.


You Can Take The Experience Home

Home is where everything happens now. With 62% of our waking time being spent at home post-pandemic, a lot of our activities are now being performed at home and online. In addition to working online from home, we are also shopping and consuming content and entertainment. 

Being able to take an AR experience home is hugely beneficial at such a time. Being able to reach people with an augmented reality experience right in their homes is invaluable. 

3rock’s AR In Your Pocket has seen mind-blowing engagement rates and shares from this technique.


It’s A Metrics Machine

You can’t measure analytics and track KPI’s with traditional out of home like you can with AR. Marketing guru Ian Brodie sums it up perfectly: “Without the right marketing metrics you are shooting in the dark. The only way to know if things are working for you or not is those metrics.”

It’s as simple as that. The flawless metrics AR technology provides can give you invaluable insight into your business, your relationship with your audience and your marketing strategy. 

We use E-XR code technology to generate our AR experiences. This technology is able to provide to-the-T feedback on how many views the content got, how long it was engaged with for, how many people clicked through to the brand’s page, and more. It also has refined geotargeting capabilities to reach and provide feedback on exact locations.


It’s Seamless and Accessible

Praise the perks of WebAR. If you aren’t familiar with the benefits, please indulge us for a moment and check this out:

  • WebAR allows immediate access to AR content via a link rather than through an app. No app download is required for webAR to work. 
  • Web AR makes it easier and less expensive for businesses to integrate AR extensions into existing ads
  • Immediate access to the experience 
  • The ease of the experience means shareability is more likely 

The seamlessness and accessibility of webAR and 3rock Magic Mirror content means that you don’t risk drop off due to “too much admin” on the part of the user. Not to mention, brands can retrofit old OOH content by adding AR extensions to bring it back to life in new, innovative ways. 

The best part?

You can put it anywhere. Thanks to AR Technology you can get your brand in the most prolific and exotic places in the world to really make an impact, and at a much more affordable rate than buying space in, say, Piccadilly Circus.


It’s Memorable And Shareable

WebAR is simply more memorable, impressionable and shareable content. It’s a creative team’s dream. No other type of content can make a team of superheroes appear right on your coffee table, for example. The only limit on what can be created is your imagination and that is an exhilarating space to be playing in. 

Any brand invested in innovation and building customer relationships is going to be working with AR, so best you join the movement if you haven’t already. We can help, get in touch.

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