3rock Team Spotlight – Ian Brookes

Sep 8, 2021

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Time for another team spotlight! This is the second in a series of blogs introducing you to our team, so you can learn a little more about the amazing talent behind 3rockAR.

Psst! You can read all about Cofounder Toby Ginn, featured in our last team spotlight, here.

This time, we’re focusing on 3rock’s Cofounder and MD, Ian Brookes.

Introducing Ian Brookes

Meet Ian. Along with Toby, Ian cofounded 3rock and helped get us to where we are today – that is, favoured by the world’s biggest brands.

Initially, Ian and Toby used to work ‘on the tools’ doing everything as a small but agile agency. Nowadays, Toby is more focused on the technology and creative side, whereas Ian takes care of sales and partnerships.

Ian loves when he gets the opportunity to show companies a different way of thinking about AR. The look of amazement on their faces when he shows them what the team has created – not to mention the incredible results – is what gets him up in the morning.

Having brought in a lot of young staff with little or no sales experience, Ian relishes the chance to see them flourish and get enjoyment out of presenting breathtaking tech such as 3rock’s exclusive Magic Mirror.

His most satisfying part of everyday life at 3rock is the incredible gratitude clients express to him for providing incredible experiences and, most of all, delivering tangible results for their brands.

The personal bit

Ian’s the cosmopolitan one of the 3rock team.

Having first and foremost made his name in sales, he’s lived in locations like Ibiza and Chicago – but his hometown of London holds a special place in his heart.

Outside of the office, he’s also really into his football!

Magic Mirror AR experience created by thee 3rock team

Advice to anyone looking to get started in AR

When Mirror Review asked if Ian had any advice for anyone looking to enter the augmented reality sector, here’s what he said:

“I would recommend newcomers to take their time and not to rush to market with a product that isn’t quite ready. I would say it is important to keep in mind that the lows will probably outnumber the highs at the beginning but you must keep believing; if one gets it right, it will all be worth it though!”

Ian Brookes, 3rock Cofounder and MD

One last thing…

Do you need an AR advertising agency who can deliver the perfect AR experience for your brand, and ensure it also gets the results you need?

Here at 3rock, we’ll take the time to understand what you need – even if you haven’t quite figured that out yourself yet. We’re always happy to help you explore your options and show you what’s possible.

Why not get in touch with the 3rock team today for a free, no-obligation consultation?

Written by: Toby Ginn, Co-founder/Director

Get in touch via our contact page or call 0203 588 6140.

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