Augmented Reality Roundup – August 2021

Augmented Reality Roundup August

Hello, and welcome to another Augmented Reality Roundup! We’ll be publishing monthly AR news roundups where we’ll be looking at the latest news and updates around augmented reality – just in case you’re interested! So, without further ado, let’s check out some of what’s been going on in August. TikTok is building its own augmented […]

3rock Team Spotlight – Toby Ginn

Time for something a little different. We thought you should get to know the faces behind 3rock a little better, so this is the start of a series of team spotlights – starting with co-founder Toby Ginn! After all, people buy from people – and although it may seem like we’re one big, lean, AR-creating […]

What is Print Mixed Reality, Anyway?

What is Print Mixed Reality, we hear you ask? Well, imagine you’ve spent a fortune on your advertising materials such as posters and physical products – maybe your campaign’s been running successfully for a while now. But how can you breathe fresh life into it, and garner even more interest for your products, services or […]

7 of the Most Compelling Augmented Reality Statistics

AR statistics blog

We hear people asking us all the time: “Why AR?” – To answer that question, we believe the data speaks for itself. More and more brands are now waking up to the unlimited possibilities of augmented reality in their advertising campaigns – and with stats like the ones in this blog, who can blame them?! […]