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Augmented Reality Roundup: April 2019 | 3RockAR Advertising

Augmented Reality Roundup: April 2019

April 2019 is almost over, which means it’s time to look back and see what’s changed in the Augmented Reality industry.   Google and Childish Gambino Release a Multiplayer AR App   Google and Childish Gambino are teaming up again for another augmented reality experience. Following the arrival of the Coachella headliner as a Playmoji on Pixel cameras earlier this year, the pair have released a multiplayer app called Pharos AR. The app allows users to open up an AR portal in their living room (or where ever else they happen to be), [...]

3RockAR | Augmented Reality Advertising

Making Advertising Fun Again With Augmented Reality

No wonder that augmented reality advertising is quickly becoming of the hottest trends for brands that want to increase their customer engagement.   Consumers today are bombarded with thousands of ad messages daily. And with all of this noise, it is virtually impossible for us to pay any attention to these messages. Especially when that message is boring. Whether on social channels or across the web, we all know how to ignore boring ads and pay attention to the content that is interesting [...]

Augmented Reality in Architecture | 3rockAR Advertising

Augmented Reality in Architecture

Augmented reality has found its way into yet another industry by providing a far more accurate view of what will be built.   Trying to explain a new design to a client can be tough. Most architects have transitioned from creating solely 2D plans to creating 3D models of their designs. This works perfectly in alignment with augmented reality as now these models can be used to their full potential. AR has been used in video gaming and media entertainment for a much [...]

Augmented Reality is Shaping the Future of Shopping | 3rockAR Advertising

Augmented Reality is Shaping the Future of Shopping

Retailers are constantly looking for new ways to wow their customers by leveraging new and emerging technologies and Augmented Reality is definitely a great way to do so.   One of the most interesting solutions they’ve turned to recently is augmented reality. Stores from Macy’s to IKEA have made headline using AR and really pulled customers into stores. “AR lets us redefine the experience for furniture retail once more, in our restless quest to create a better everyday life for everyone, everywhere,” said [...]

How Augmented Reality Will Change Driving & Car Manufacturing 3RockAR

How Augmented Reality Will Change Driving and Car Manufacturing

One day, augmented reality will likely become such a natural way of telegraphing information to drivers and passengers, looking at physical screens will feel like a quaint, distant memory. The success of automotive companies directly depends on the launching of advanced technologies. In the last years, automotive industry experts agree that the near future of the automotive industry will be closely related to the use of AR technology. Many cars now come equipped with so-called "head-up" displays, which project a car’s [...]