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Facebook Is Bringing AR Ads To The News Feed | 3RockAR

Facebook Is Bringing AR Ads To The News Feed

Facebook announced last week that it will begin implementing augmented reality ads into the News Feed. Soon we'll be able to try products on while scrolling through the News Feed These ads look like normal in-feed ads at first, but they include a “Tap to try it on” option, which opens up the AR capabilities. And of course, if you like the way it looks in AR, you can go ahead and buy the product. One Facebook AR ad test from Michael Kors let people [...]

AOI Variables And Why Do They Matter | 3RockAR AR Advertising

AIO Variables And Why Do They Matter

The first step in any great advertising campaign is knowing your audience. When an advert resonates with the right people it makes it far easier to convert Combine that with the experience that augmented reality advertising combines and you are on to a sure-fire winner So how do you get to know your target audience? One of the ways is understanding AIO variables for your target demographic By defining AIO variables (Activities - Interests - Opinions) we can start to understand what our target [...]