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Spice Up Your Advertising With Augmented Reality | 3RockAR

Augmented Reality Advertising Increases Your Brand Visibility

Augmented Reality Advertising can really make all the difference when it comes to boosting your brand visibility - the most important message your customers receive. Your brand can become visible when it's being shared, read or seen on various advertising platforms, such as social media. Therefore, from logos to slogans to photos to tweets, posts and advertising, your message must be consistent. But to boost your company's visibility, you must first raise the awareness. Show up and let your audience know you're here. Engage [...]

Augmented Reality Is Redefining Entertainment | 3RockAR Advertising

Augmented Reality Is Redefining Entertainment

Augmented Reality is not just about superimposing the digital and real world but it also enables an interaction between both. So get ready for the entertainment to get way more personal that it has ever been. We'll walk into the action, be part of the theatre, and create simultaneously. You may one day be able to have your favourite band come and perform in your home for your birthday. Or explore a stage from behind the scenes while the actors are performing. Augmented [...]

Don't make these mistakes in your advertising campaigns | 3RockAR

Don’t make these mistakes in your advertising campaigns

Advertising campaigns are everywhere, we are inundated with them online and in the real world. Just take a look around you, how many can you see? The competition is exactly is why brands need to stand out from the crowd when advertising (read our previous post on using augmented reality advertising campaigns here) When you create your ad campaign don't make these mistakes: Advertising without doing your research Before creating any type of advert you need to know and understand who your target demographic [...]

The Power Of Call To Action In Advertising | 3RockAR Augmented Reality

The Power Of Call To Action In Advertising

The call to action is what gives you a chance to point your audience to take an action on your advert that will result in conversions. Ultimately, it's what encourages your customers to buy your product or service whilst looking at your ad. Not including it in your ad will cost you your budget and simply won't bring any ROI. Can you afford that? There are literally thousands of different types of calls to action- whether you want the user to do something [...]

Augmented Reality Advertising For Better Ad Engagement | 3RockAR

Augmented Reality Advertising For Better Ad Engagement

Augmented Reality advertising boosts the engagement rates, which is the one metric you should really look out for if you want an advert that sells. Why the engagement though? Why not the impressions for example? Impressions are for vanity Of course, you want your advert to be seen by as many people as possible. However, you should focus more on value rather than the quantity. The more engagement there is, the better the chances of even more impressions – and this goes on in [...]