Sell More by Being Specific in Your Adverts

Sell More By Being Specific In Your Adverts | 3RockAR

Platitudes and loose statements do not leave an impression on our understanding and perception at all. Generalities without a factual base suggest a tendency to exaggerate the mindless truth. By saying “best in the world” or “best prices ever” you achieve nothing more than your audience becoming very skeptical about your product or service. There is, […]

The Importance of Social Selling

The Importance of Social Selling

You’ve heard of social media marketing, right? But have you heard of social selling? Do you know what it is? It’s not the same as social media marketing or social media advertising. It’s using the social media platforms to connect, network, build a relationship and reach your sales goals with your target audience. As Hootsuite explains it: […]

Why Email Marketing Works

Why Email Marketing Works | 3RockAR Augmented Reality Advertising

Is email marketing part of your marketing strategy? If you’re just about to say no, let me tell you something that will make you realise what you are missing out on. According to research conducted by the Radicati Group, more than 210 million emails are sent every day, including those that fall foul of the spam […]

Are You Advertising Online? You Should Be!

Are You Advertising Online? You Should Be! | 3RockAR

Is your business taking advantage of the consistent growth in digital marketing? Many people wonder if online advertising is really worth the hype. It is. It’s true that it might not be suitable for your product or service, however, you should never rule it out completely – and here’s why:   Image Credit: Smart Insights  […]