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Top Tips for Effective Advertising | 3RockAR Augmented Reality

Top Tips for Effective Advertising

Advertising is what keeps your business going. Or should I say - effective advertising is what keeps your business going. Are you in the position where you feel like you're wasting your efforts on ad campaigns that don't work? Do you feel like giving up on advertising your brand altogether because you can't see any results despite of increasing the budget over and over again? Don't. If you don't advertise your product or service, no one will know about out (I'll keep on saying [...]

Marketing Plan or Marketing Strategy: The Difference | 3rockAR

Marketing Plan or Marketing Strategy: The Difference

Although marketing strategy and marketing plan sound like they're the same thing, they are not. They are, however, both equally important to your business. How is a marketing strategy different from a marketing plan?   The marketing strategy answers the questions of when, where and how you should complete. You use your marketing strategy to establish the goals of marketing and find out who your customer avatar is.  Your company’s business objectives must drive your marketing objectives. As your business evolves, so should your [...]