Who is your customer avatar? No, not that blue alien!

Who is your customer avatar? 3rockar advertising

Customer avatar, you mean the blue alien from that film right? Nope. I mean who is your ideal client? Create a customer avatar. Identify who your perfect customer is. In business understanding and defining your target market and target audience is crucial. By having a clear understanding of who you want to reach to sell your product or […]

Small business? Brand it strongly! A brand is more than just a logo….

Small business? Brand it strongly! 3rockar advertising

Does your small business have a brand? Branding goes far beyond just a smart looking logo and some nice packaging. If you are the underdog why is it so important to grow your small business brand? Think about Apple and Microsoft for a second, two massive industry leaders in their field. How do those 2 […]

Does your business ad campaign fail? So do ours! Occasionally

Does your business ad campaign fail? 3rockar advertising

Did your business ad campaign fail? You’re not alone. But at least you are advertising. Without advertising your brand how do people know you even exist? To quote the late, great advertising heavyweight Leo Burnett; “Good advertising does not just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with desires and belief”. Read that quote again, […]

Being a small AR advertising agency, we need to pack a punch

Being a small AR advertising agency, we need to pack a punch 3RockAR

We are a small AR advertising agency, we know this. There are much bigger agencies out there. But size is not everything. Knowing what works to enhance your brand does. Making sure that your business advertising campaign stands out far outweighs having boardrooms, hundreds of staff and big executive leather chairs. We create AR advertising […]

Business advertising, why bother? We ignore it all don’t we?

Business advertising, why bother? 3rockar

Business advertising. Why bother? “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you’re doing, but no-one else does”. Stuart H. Britt That quote sums it up so well. Think about it, advertising is everywhere. When was the last time you didn’t see an advert? Advertising is everywhere […]

Growing your company brand

Growing Your Company Brand 3RockAR Augmented Reality Advertising

Your company brand is mega vital. It is your identity to your customers. But what does having a good company brand mean? And how do you get it? People buy from companies that they trust, they respect them and they invest not only money in them but their valuable time. So does your company identity […]

Video marketing is crushing it right now!

Video Marketing Is Crushing It Right Now! 3RockAR

Video marketing is huge in 2017, it is absolutely crushing all other forms of marketing. Let’s look at some of the stats; 90% of social media users say that product videos are helpful in the decision-making process One-third of all online activity is spent watching a video 92% of people who browse the internet online […]

Microsoft HoloLens might one day assist in spine surgeries

Microsoft HoloLens becomes an AR assistant for spinal surgery 3RockAR

Microsoft HoloLens may find its way into operating rooms of the future, as medical technology firm Scopis has created the first mixed-reality interface for surgeons on the high-powered augmented reality headset. Designed primarily for open and minimally invasive spinal surgery, Scopis’ AR-powered tech claims to improve the accuracy and speed of surgeons wearing the HoloLens […]

Augmented reality app After Ice shows what climate change can do

Augmented reality app After Ice shows what climate change can do

Visual artist Justin Guraglia has released an augmented reality app entitled After Ice which lets you experience the potential damage that climate change can reap depending on where you are located. Using the geolocation service on your smartphone, After Ice sends you into a future scenario where your location is no longer inhabitable but instead […]

Virtual and augmented reality: The future of the workplace

Virtual and Augmented Reality: Future of workplace 3rockAR Blog

Global Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Apps Market Report presents a professional and deep analysis on the present state of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Apps Market 2017. The study of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Apps industry is very important to enhance business productivity and for the study of market forecast. Adoption of AR […]