Stand out with innovative and unbeatable AR advertising campaigns and events that deliver maximum impact.

In an AR agency far far away… advertisers and brands needed apps and headsets to execute augmented reality… there was, however, a small group of mythical visionaries, some say they were legends but others knew them simply as JedAR or 3rockAR. A small group of like-minded people spent their lives and focus making the galaxy an app-less and barrierless AR world to have these experiences… These JedAR heroes held the line, the belief and brought the dream to reality, in our AR world the only limit is your imagination.

Come and join the barrierless AR rebellion with 3rock, we are recruiting clients to become our rock stars who can learn a new way with our unique JedAR evaluation and methods.

We don’t just develop AR – we fully deploy it to your advantage with kickass promotion to create a huge buzz around your brand. Here’s how:



Reach consumers in exciting new ways with the revolutionary WebAR in Your Pocket, by bringing your brand into their world. Engaging app-less AR experiences that create a big buzz, whilst reaching consumers in the comfort of their living rooms – or anywhere.


The most immersive augmented reality experience in the world, the 3rockAR Magic Mirror requires no app download or headset – just bespoke AR content to suit your needs. Indoor and outdoor solutions of all sizes, ready to rock!

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The perkLAB

Turn the static into the dynamic with perkLAB from 3rockAR. Add another dimension to both new and old out-of-home campaigns and events, by overlaying augmented reality onto anything from print materials to physical products.


Give your visitors an engaging, unforgettable and seamless AR experience with dynamic E-XR codes that lock augmented reality digital assets (such as WebAR in Your Pocket avatars, playlists or interactive menus and information) to a location.


We’ve been at the forefront of immersive AR advertising for almost a decade, with our campaigns reaching over 100 million people. From slick, attention grabbing ads, to the micro interactions that make them fun and engaging, here’s what sets us apart:

  • Jaw-dropping AR that just works - without the need for an app!

  • Seamless, memorable and engaging user experiences from start to finish.

  • Ad campaigns and events to make a big impact and get brilliant results.

  • A dedicated team of AR experts to guide you every step of the way.

  • No other company is trusted by as many of the world’s biggest brands.

  • Creators of the world-famous and internationally-renowned Magic Mirror!



Just because it’s something nobody’s created before, doesn’t mean you can’t. Our professional team of augmented reality experts spend every day making the ‘impossible’ possible for our clients. Just reach out and ask.









We’re official partners of the award-winning WebAR platform 8th Wall.


We’ve been busy answering your biggest questions and addressing the latest topics related to AR, WebAR, E-XR codes, mixed reality and more…

Want to learn more about how augmented reality can work for you, and what’s possible with 3rockAR?

Let’s start the conversation. Simply email us, and one of our dedicated team will be in touch within one business day for an exploratory call, where we’ll also be happy to provide some free, no-strings professional advice:


“I really enjoyed working with the entire 3rockAR team. A very cooperative, efficient, but also creative way of working that convinced with a great end result. The unique technology not only excited us but also our customers. It was really a great event.”


“As the biggest tire manufacturer in the world, Bridgestone knows best how important good quality and a high service level are. Working together with 3rockAR was both, very creative and exciting as well as absolutely professional and reliable. The result was amazing and helped us to deliver our message in an innovative way to our customers. Many thanks to the whole AR team for this fantastic event!”
MS, Sales & Marketing Specialist – Bridgestone Europe


“We are so pleased with the response we got on social from promoting our new double daily flights between London and Tokyo, with 3rock’s AR technology and services. Despite the short lead time we had, the 3rockAR team worked swiftly and professionally to ensure all our needs and queries were addressed, and finally produced great work that generated the results we were hoping for. Thank you 3rockAR, for the opportunity to work with you.”
YK, Web Planning & Marketing Manager Asia/Oceania – Japan Airlines (JAL)


“Augmented Reality is something we had been looking at to promote Mauritius in an innovative way and when 3rockAR offered to create an interactive campaign for us in King’s Cross Station in London, we couldn’t wait to launch our campaign. The 3rockAR team was a pleasure to work with and made sure we got the best out of our campaign. We’ve had some amazing results with one of our first major AR campaigns, and this is now something we are looking to implement on a more regular basis across all our main markets.”
AS, Digital Marketing Manager – Mauritius Tourism Promotion Agency (MTPA)


“At BMW Belux we are always searching for the newest state of the art technologies to get in touch with our customers. When 3rockAR contacted us to see if we were interested in their Augmented Reality solution, the decision was quickly taken. It is a complete new way to see your product become virtually alive and see people really interact with it. 3rockAR immediately understood what we wanted to show with the campaign and they worked very efficiently with very short response timings. The result was much more than we expected.”
GV, Digital Brand & Event Communication Manager – BMW BeLux


“Challenge accepted – we really enjoyed working with 3rockAR on our Hot Wheels City Augmented Reality project which took place in Berlin. Within only a couple of days, we received the first ideas based on the assets we sent and we loved it from the beginning. The final execution was great, kids loved battling against the monsters, chasing cars etc. and had a great time. Hopefully we will work with 3rockAR again on other projects soon.”
CS, Trade Marketing Representative – Mattel GmbH


“3rockAR provided us with a new and innovative way to market one of our key shows in Germany: Deutschland86. They were a great partner & were able to turn things around for us in a very short time. Customers on the ground loved the special experience they offered.”
AF – Senior Marketing Manager Amazon Prime Video


“The partnership with 3rockAR was very successful, the creative developed by the team was outstanding and capture the energy and engagement of our target audience by bringing the Just For Men & NFL partnership to live in ways never seen before in London, as a result of this campaign we got over 1.5million views where engaged travellers at King’s Cross station had the chance to experience being in a Football stadium. This has really been an incredible activity which generated a lot of buzz and has made our brand stand out in a crowded and competitive advertising environment, where being different and innovative is paramount to reach and engage with consumers.”
LM, Marketing Manager Europe – Combe International Ltd


“We are always looking for new ways to communicate and interact with our consumers. We have done some experimental trials with AR before, but then it was on individual experience. What appealed to us what to try to do something for a larger audience in a larger space. 3rockAR’s design team were very flexible to work with around the creation of the content. The AR campaign was appreciated by consumers who visited the venue in Mall of Scandinavia, it was an interesting project that we believe has great ability.”
FK – Director Coca-Cola AB


“It was fun to work with 3rockAR – the result was outstanding, we never achieved such a reach with a video on YouTube before – Thumbs up.”
MB, Marketing Manager – Ford Motor Company Switzerland


“It was a pleasure to work with the 3rockAR team. I can only underline the uncomplicated, fast and professional way the team brought it to life. The event was well prepared and a full success. Customer and people enjoyed it very much and it is a really great way to connect the brand with the location and the digital world. Service on side was exceptional and the brand was presented in the very best possible way. I can only advice everybody who wants to see customer interact in a natural fun way with your brand and put it right on the spot to their social media accounts and share it with friends to try it.”
MK, Brand President – Pizza Hut Germany


“From concept and development to realisation: the collaboration with 3rockAR was at all times very professional and fun. The result surpassed the goals clearly.”
CU, MarComms Manager, Jaguar Land Rover – Germany


“ I’m really happy we had a chance to use AR technology for Jack Daniel’s in Germany. The outcome was just outstanding and the 3rockAR team was very professional, demonstrating their expertise along the project, from the initial idea till the implementation. I’m pretty sure our German example will be used internally as a best practice for deploying new technologies in a relevant way for consumers and still communicating the core brand values.”
MN, Senior Brand Manager – Jack Daniel’s Germany


“It was a great pleasure working with the 3rock team. Great vibes from the start and more importantly an amazing Virtual Reality experience delivered!”
JP, Marketing Coordinator – Iceland Air


“ The Augmented Reality project was a real Point of Differentiation in our media plan vs. other brands on the market. Not only did it help us to enhance our brand recognition, desirability and engagement, but combining it with a sampling action with drive-to-store mechanism allowed us to measure the impact on sales. The increase was significant!”
CB, Country Manager Switzerland – PUIG


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