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Advertising Psychology: How To Incorporate It In Your Strategy | 3rockAR

Advertising Psychology: How To Incorporate It In Your Strategy

Advertising psychology has long been helping marketers to influence customer's behaviour and essentially, increasing the return on investment. The better you understand the human mind, the better you’ll be able to persuade customers to convert. And, if you think about it, marketing is really about applied psychology. Smart, skilful, honest marketers use psychology legally, ethically, and respectfully to attract and engage consumers, and compel them to buy. What makes a customer want to buy a product? What makes them become loyal to a brand? Consumer behaviour is incredibly interesting, and [...]

Email Marketing: Creating Headlines That Sell | 3RockAR Advertising

Email Marketing: Creating Headlines That Sell

Your email subject line is the 'to be or not to be' for your entire campaign. The header decides whether your recipients will even bother to open it - not to mention ones that delete it straight away. So you've got to make sure your email subject lines are top-notch. What makes a great email headline?   Offer Always a winner Curiosity Let your recipients know how they can benefit from opening your email. Make sure that the subject line, while enigmatic, still aligns with your brand [...]

Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid | 3RockAR AR Advertising

Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Digital marketing moves fast which can cause brands to always look towards the next best thing and focus less on the lessons of the past. Ignoring the data as to what's working for your business and what isn't. Digital marketing campaign mistakes are often inevitable. It’s what you learn from those mistakes that can help you build a better campaign. What should you look out for to avoid wasting your time, money and resources? Overspending on Google and Facebook ads, hoping that it’s [...]

The Do's And Don'ts For Brand Reputation Management | 3RockAR

The Do’s And Don’ts For Brand Reputation Management

Brand reputation tells your audience whether or not you can be trusted with their time, energy, and money.   "It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently." - Warren Buffett   Brand reputation management is critical to growing a business. A positive brand reputation builds loyalty and increases customer confidence in your brand and product, ultimately driving sales and bottom-line growth. There’s a saying that, “Any publicity is good [...]

5 Powerful Augmented Reality Campaigns In Advertising | 3RockAR

5 Powerful Augmented Reality Campaigns In Advertising

Augmented Reality advertising has become a must-have strategy for hundreds of big brands around the world and today, we're looking at the top 5 campaigns. AR advertising takes the available digital data and creates an integrated 3-D image of a product. It allows consumers to experience that product up close and personal. As The Drum reports, AR can capture people’s attention for over 85 seconds, increase interaction rates by 20 percent, and improve click-through rates to purchase by 33 percent. This powerful insight isn't [...]

The Dos And Don'ts Of Building A Powerful Brand Identity | 3RockAR

The Dos And Don’ts Of Building A Powerful Brand Identity

Brand identity goes way beyond a good logo or tone you use in your marketing message. So what exactly is it? And more importantly, how do you create a really powerful brand identity? What is the brand identity? It's the collection of all brand elements that the company creates to portray the right image of itself to the consumer. It's the message your consumers receive from the product or a service you advertise. Some brand identities are tied to the practical elements: design, packaging, etc. Some [...]

Scientific Advertising Is As Relevant Today As It Ever Was | 3RockAR

Scientific Advertising Is As Relevant Today As It Ever Was

Scientific Advertising by Claude C. Hopkins is a 'must have' book for the advertising aficionado, having sold over eight million copies worldwide - almost all marketers consider it, and Hopkins, as a cornerstone of advertising education and wisdom. Scientific Advertising was first written in 1923 the majority of the knowledge contained in this book is as relevant today as it was then, almost a hundred years ago... ...a hundred years! Let's look at some of the most memorable quotes from the book [...]

The Role Of Psychographics & Demographics In Advertising | 3RockAR

The Role Of Psychographics & Demographics In Advertising

Knowing who your ideal customer is isn't enough these days to boost your marketing efforts - you need to dive in deeper. And that's where psychographics come in handy ... If demographics describe who your target audience is, then psychographics explain why. The “why” will tell you what consumers are expecting and looking for, giving you the opportunity to fulfil these needs based on their interests, opinions and activities. What does it mean in plain English? Demographics tell you that your [...]

AOI Variables And Why Do They Matter | 3RockAR AR Advertising

AIO Variables And Why Do They Matter

The first step in any great advertising campaign is knowing your audience. When an advert resonates with the right people it makes it far easier to convert Combine that with the experience that augmented reality advertising combines and you are on to a sure-fire winner So how do you get to know your target audience? One of the ways is understanding AIO variables for your target demographic By defining AIO variables (Activities - Interests - Opinions) we can start to understand what our target [...]

Marketing Automation: What Is It And Why You Should Have It | 3RockAR

Marketing Automation: What Is It And Why You Should Have It

Marketing Automation is a software designed to make the repetitive marketing activities easier. Why should you invest in it now? "45% of agencies rely on marketing automation platforms to show ROI and 42% use marketing automation to measure performance." SHARPSPRING STATE OF MARKETING AUTOMATION FOR AGENCIES” (2017) Marketing Automation (MA) can we extremely helpful in terms of boosting effectiveness and productivity of your marketing efforts. How? By completing some of the workflows for you. These include: Email marketing Landing page creation Cross-channel marketing campaigns [...]