meitu is adding augmented reality filters to its selfie app

Meitu is adding augmented reality filters to its selfie app

We all love to take a selfie right? And we all want to look as beautiful as possible in them, well now the popular beauty app company Meitu is adding augmented reality filters to its selfie app, BeautyPlus for Android and IOS users. According to online reports, apps from Meitu have been installed on over 1.1 billion unique devices and are used by more than 450 million monthly active users, that is an amazing amount of beauty! BeautyPlus is Meitu's flagship beauty app [...]

Augmented reality will enhance your brand experience

Augmented reality will enhance your brand experience

Augmented reality will enhance your brand experience, but how do you know it is the right technology for you? There are literally hundreds of applications and new technologies that you could choose from, all of them promising to revolutionise your brand experience, it can be a mind boggling process to choose the right one. You need to work out which one is right for your brand, event and audience and comes down to budget, resources, the needs of your audience, the strategy [...]

Augmented reality and Star Wars

Augmented reality and Star Wars, this is something we need!

Augmented reality and Star Wars - just these few words get out inner geek dribbling! We have heard and seen a lot about how Apple is looking at the potential of augmented reality technology, and while this gets our nerd juices flowing, it doesn't have us as excited as those words, augmented reality and Star Wars. Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney has dropped some hints on the potential use of augmented reality at the Disney Theme Park attractions. The Disney CEO [...]

Augmented reality could transform the music industry

Augmented reality could transform the music industry

Augmented reality could transform the music industry. Being a huge music fan I truly believe that it is the soundtrack to your life and depending on your experience with it a particular song or tune can make you feel a whole range of emotions. So could augmented reality transform the music industry? Arguably an industry which has been around for decades! Well, I certainly believe so. In 2016 music streaming was a saviour for the music industry as for the first time in [...]

augmented reality restaurant
augmented reality glasses

Augmented reality is changing the way we do everything!

Augmented reality, is it changing our lives? Imagine you are sat in a cafe and unsure of what to choose from the menu, or sat in an Italian restaurant and don't even know what the words mean, Anguilla marinata commachio vendita anyone? Whip out your smartphone, open an app and scan the menu and hey presto instantly see how each dish will look on the plate in from of you! Erm are they marinated eels? Think I will stick with the pizza thanks! Augmented reality [...]

The Tonight Starring Jimmy Fallon

Virtual Reality Pictionary

Virtual reality Pictionary, just those 3 words sum up hilarity (well it does for our inner geek) however on America's The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, this game is a reality. On Monday nights show guests Scarlett Johansson, Dove Cameron and Michael Che and presenter Jimmy Fallon played a hilarious game of virtual reality Pictionary. The game itself saw Fallon and Cameron (who stars in various Disney Channel series') vs. Che (Saturday Night Live) and Johansson (who was on the show [...]

apple augmented reality glasses

Apple is reportedly stepping up it’s development of augmented reality glasses

Apple is reportedly "stepping up its efforts" in developing augmented reality glasses, allocating more resources to the project with the aim of pushing them from just research into an actual consumer product. There have been plenty of rumours on Apple using augmented reality technology in the new iPhone. The new buzz is that the company has put AR technology above it's self-driving car initiative, Project Titan as it's next big priority, after the newest version of the iPhone. Tim Cook the Chief [...]

Strange Beasts film

This sci-fi short film shows augmented reality in a scary light

As filmmakers push the boundaries of what can happen on the big (and small) screen, this new short film funded, directed and written by Magali Barbé shows augmented reality in a frankly scary light. Entitled Strange Beasts, the film starts off unassuming enough, seemingly an advertorial for a new item of augmented reality tech that allows users to replace their pets with virtual ones. But things soon take a turn for the worse as the boundary of what is real and what [...]

Amazon furniture

Is Amazon considering augmented reality furniture and appliance stores?

Amazon is considering having augmented reality furniture stores according to sources from the New York Times, they state that the online retail giant is 'exploring' the idea of utilising augmented reality so users can visualise how the items would appear in their own homes before pushing the button on the purchase. Although this is, at the minute at least, speculation, Amazon has already started rolling out physical stores, currently having five bricks and mortar shops with their Amazon Books in [...]

augmented reality is changing manufacturing

Augmented reality is changing manufacturing

Augmented reality is changing manufacturing across the world. From aerospace to automotives, augmented reality is not only increasingly being used on the factory floor, it´s revolutionising it as it can overlay virtual reality over actual objects, providing all the necessary data an operative  needs to make an assessment or perform a task. As well as operational efficiency, augmented and virtual reality are also streamlining the manufacturing design phase. At Lockheed Martin, a global security and aerospace company, technicians can wear augmented reality [...]